Emergency Rescue Bike

Designed for use by the Coast Guard, the Sharpshooter electric bike concept aims to be a viable alternative to the current limited range motorcycles for routine patrols and emergency rescues. For water rescues, the body can be bent and transformed into a lightweight throwing device and the motor can be used as a winch for collecting rope quickly. Aside from being multifunctional, this electric bike is a more environmentally friendly way of patrolling compared to the common motorcycle.

Designer: Jurmol Yao


  • Johnny says:

    Looks like it transforms into a rocket launcher!

  • Joshua says:

    I don’t understand…You throw the bike at someone while using it in the water? Make a video of how its used, then maybe people can determine its actual effectiveness. The pictures and the wording alone, don’t do justice for the product.

  • Mr. B says:

    you are going to bike with this wheels in the sand? good luck…

  • Ray says:

    Yeah this device confuses me also. Does the wheel get ‘thrown’ as a lifesaver that’s connected to a winch? If so, is there a way to anchor the winch (hopefully you’ll be trying to swim to rescue them, ergo not holding it down (unless the water is too dangerous))? What kind of terrain will it be able to handle? Should we really be concerned about eco-friendliness when it comes to rescuing people, especially when it may sacrifice power, speed, and usability?

  • WZhangID says:

    this would make pretty bad ass folding bike.

  • geester says:

    ludicrous concept, such thin wheels riding in the sand, and then the hassle of folding it into position while somebodys out there drowning. When your doing your fancy renderings, have a think about some practical issues as well…its called design.

  • Matt says:

    Where’s the “electric” bit?

    Do you throw (or shoot??) the front wheel?

    Why the heck would you want roadie-style bars for off-road riding?

    The wheel styles aren’t going to work for an off-road rescue vehicle. Put a motor on one of these (http://salsacycles.com/bikes/mukluk/) and then you have a go-anywhere vehicle. Then put a rack on the back and attach a life preserver…

  • watever says:

    That’s a ridiculous design lol.

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