Lamp Teaches a Lesson

This lamp, the second part of the Completing Absence series by designer Petra Schmidt, is more concerned with shedding light on the issue of energy consumption than trying to be a quintessential lighting element. To activate the light, the user simply pulls the slightly lighter end. The self-regulating lamp will shut off when the heavier luminated end reaches the lowermost position, keeping the user aware of time and inspiring behavioral change in overall energy consumption.

Designer: Petra Schmidt


  • Velvet says:

    Call me wind beacsue I am absolutely blown away.

  • Jimmy C says:

    Certainly an interesting take on the matter.

  • Aaron W. says:

    That is a pretty cool design. Behavioral changes alone could play a large role in decreasing our carbon emissions, and this light is a clever artistic approach to doing that. You should post a video of it in action though.

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