Bristol Car Concept, Handmade for a Clean Future

This Bristol car concept is a combination of piezoelectric and photovoltaic wizardry to create a platform that harvests energy from the surrounding environment, rewarding the consumer with the gift of free energy, that can then be used, shared or sold. A clean, powerful yet quintessential design, the vehicle looks like any other, but upon closer inspection you understand the potential of the concept.

The vehicle is a tool where the user can develop and learn skills, to tailor and manipulate the piezoelectric threads to maximise the amount energy harvested per journey, in turn, strengthening the relationship between the vehicle and its user. Similar to the way people share the techniques when growing fruit and vegetables, users could also share different techniques and piezoelectric set ups, creating a community and a sense of pride between the vehicle owners, thus creating an ‘AutoCulture’.

Designer: Amarpreet Gill


  • Todd Dunning says:

    Beautiful, original car design that doesn’t need a ridiculous greenwashed eco-description.

  • You Be Trollin' says:

    Sexy, Except for the tail fins/back. other than that, I like all the glass

  • Hurrah for mother nature, if i can enjoy free energy well i go for it!!!

  • hat methi says:

    Beautiful, original car design that doesn’t need a ridiculous greenwashed eco-description., me too

  • Jason Wang says:

    Super sexy. The character lines on the hood flow so well into the rest of the body. Not a big fan of the roofline profile.

  • chris martin says:

    Somehow the front of this car reminds me of both the Saab PheniX and the Volvo Concept Universe.

  • carl says:

    hahah thunderbirds are go.

  • rdee says:

    very nice concept, I’m not an expert in car aesthetics but the rear looks a bit off. Maybe it looks better if its a hatchback. 🙂

  • Johnny says:

    Another day, another “free energy” pipe dream on Yanko.

  • FLX says:

    Very nice but why are transportation designers making it harder and harder to see out of cars? The design doenst need those plump extra shoulder lines on the window… and tbh its the only thing that looks meh on this concept.

  • delo says:

    the back a little too much or not enough, I don’t know. But she is superb.

  • Johann says:

    What a BLATANT copy of the Volvo Universe concept!!! Right down to the exact same headlight treatment and grille. If you can’t come up with your own ideas please don’t copy other people’s. What a way to publicaly anounce you have no ideas of your own.

  • One says:

    I know the designer and this concept was already being made in a 3D model when the Volvo Concept was released, soo check urself before you wreck urself!

  • rashid says:

    very different from volvo universe. even the headlights; the bristol’s headlights are longer and flatter. Only the grill in front is similar. That is it. also look at the back of both cars for more difference in style. sorry johann

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