Bristol Car Concept, Handmade for a Clean Future

This Bristol car concept is a combination of piezoelectric and photovoltaic wizardry to create a platform that harvests energy from the surrounding environment, rewarding the consumer with the gift of free energy, that can then be used, shared or sold. A clean, powerful yet quintessential design, the vehicle looks like any other, but upon closer inspection you understand the potential of the concept.

The vehicle is a tool where the user can develop and learn skills, to tailor and manipulate the piezoelectric threads to maximise the amount energy harvested per journey, in turn, strengthening the relationship between the vehicle and its user. Similar to the way people share the techniques when growing fruit and vegetables, users could also share different techniques and piezoelectric set ups, creating a community and a sense of pride between the vehicle owners, thus creating an ‘AutoCulture’.

Designer: Amarpreet Gill