Customize Your Flush!

Ladies & gents, let’s be totally candid for a sec & talk about… you guessed it, potty-time! Did you know that the standard toilet uses 15x more drinking water per day than a human does? Sure, low-flush toilets & dry urinals help reduce consumption, but what else can be done to conserve water? Considering that different types of waste require different amounts of water, designer Jose Genovés developed Natura, a toilet that adapts to male urination, female urination, & defecation, reducing water consumption by up to 60%!

For male urination, Natura provides a male urinal totally integrated into the toilet design. The urinal is a reclining element placed in the back part of the toilet and lowers toward the user with a simple “push to open” system. The urinal will dispose the urine with only a half liter of water, saving 30% of the water used by conventional toilets for the same purpose.

For female urination, the urine is disposed through an extra eco-siphon which requires only a half liter of water. As in any separating toilet, it is required to dispose of toilet paper without being flushed, otherwise no water is saved. Natura has a lower water level at the bottom of the bowl, keeping paper out of the users sight and preparing it for flush during the next cycle.

For defecation, Natura increases the water consumption from 4.5 liters to 6 to flush away any stored toilet paper. Even with the additional water consumption for this process, the toilet still reduces overall consumption by up to 60% with the reductions made during the urination process.

Designer: Jose Genovés