The CKIE Exposure

Red Dot President in Asia, Ken Koo, has quite the right insight on CKIE. “Most designers are not good marketing people. In fact, most people are not good marketing people! It requires a really “thick skin” to be a good marketer, especially when you have to praise and sell your own design. This is why even good ideas often fail to take off commercially. CKIE is a wonderful addition to the design community as it provides an effective marketing platform to help designers sell. CKIE makes all designers seem like they can be a super salesman!”

It’s easy to become the Jack-of-all-trades, but when you are passionately focused on just being the master of your design, it becomes imperative to lean onto someone else who will fill in the gaps for you. Marketing may not be a designer’s forte, so we leave them to do what they’re best at, while CKIE does what it takes to get them noticed.

Rocky Clock by Sebastian Oeyen of Arista Design

CDBrace by Terrance Kirkwood

OneLessTV by Dean Heckler