Win up to $500 worth of products from Nooka!

Each day this week we’ll clue you in to where the Nooka Egg is on Make a note of what product page you found it on. Submit all five answers on April 29th to long.tran (at) yankodesign (dot) com for one entry into the contest. A winner from a pool of all those who correctly located the Nooka Eggs will be announced May 2nd.

Bookmark this page and return everyday for a new clue.

Clue 1 – I’m the closest planet to the sun in a light green color.
Clue 2 – I’m squishy and water resistant, but don’t call me a wallet.
Clue 3 – I smell really really good.
Clue 4 – I’m the color of sky and water with an asymmetrical take.
Clue 5 – Dairy and fruit go together GREAT!

There are the clues for each day this week. Get all you answers in by emailing me long.tran (at) yankodesign (dot) com. Good luck!

Rules & Regulations
Limit one entry per person. Open worldwide. Winner will choose up to $500 worth of products from Nooka. We reserve the right to change the rules at anytime. Contest officially starts April 25, 2011 and ends April 29, 2011. Contest is sponsored by Nooka.