Light, Deadly and Silent

I have a slight moral issue with publishing a post about  a weapon but this smg concept called the Peace Maker is quite beautiful. The designer hasn’t explored all the working mechanics yet but it’s meant more for the gaming universe anyways – a light weight weapon with mid-range sight and silencer. Deadly.

Designer: Alp Germaner


  • gdw says:

    confession . i had the fun to observe 3d models, textures, proportions and usage in the 3D Game Stalker (congratulations on a great job) . the above fun gaming concept was thought after experiencing the one in the link below,'' Vintar BC'' which is used as a automatic or a single shot sniper rifle which is constructed by superior materials and offer a solution towards more spesific usage and tactics in warfare.upgraded clips for more ammo loaded. stealth, accuracy, ease of maintenance with lesser parts, and silencers . i was very inspired to do my own version , just in the look and feel department. that is the description of this image. not my intension to create a wepaon that works to kill any living being. but imagining it to its full potential


  • Johnny says:

    Looks like something out of Starship Troopers (movie, not book, which is why this is not a compliment).

  • Matt says:

    You have a “slight moral issue” huh? May I suggest you that you sort out this issue by researching the proper role of weapons in a civilized society? Their ability to provide protection and independence especially for weaker individuals who would otherwise be at the mercy of the strong. The innumerable lives saved, and the minuscule percentage of assaults perpetrated by law-abiding weapons owners. Weapons exist and rest in the hands of those who would do us harm. This fact will never change.

  • alex says:

    collapsible stock wouldnt work that way as it would have to collapse into the receiver (where all the boom-boom parts are).
    it would have to be rotated 90 degrees, kinda like the ones on the G3 and MP5.

    mag would have to be on a straigher angle or curved to help feed it and avoid jams.

    other than that it's sexy as hell, you should pitch it to H&K as an UMP-SD

  • Mike says:

    the rendering is nice but the weapon is… well, has a post-apocalypse look to it. something you would use in a Fall Out. the thing is, there are tons of designers out there, some have wild imaginations… which can be quite disturbing as some (i said, SOME), don't have respect for the inner workings of the things there were designing. but never the less, the REAL R&D people (if they like the designs) will find a way to make things work with the designers' vision. thank goodness a weapon doesn't requires a wheel, if not its going to be hub-less again…

  • Mike Barnard says:

    Beyond the stock that disappears into the working bits, there's the miraculous ability of the gun to eat empty shells. All guns have a place where the used brass gets ejected so that new bullets can be fed into the breech. Except for 3D gaming models apparently. Maybe the intent was for that little tiny dark spot on the right hand side to be the ejection slot. If so, gaming would be bang-jam-fumble, bang-jam-fumble. Not exactly a fun experience in the real or virtual world.


  • gdw says:

    i wouldnt want to pitch it to anyone except for the new Stalker pc game, could be a nice bonus item. Not intended for real life purpose, you do the workings, make it never work .

    ''post-apocalypse look to it'' thats right, i sent a link on top, check it out. it is exactly that environment . Here r some more to give you the idea..

  • Julian says:

    As everyone can see it is all about the aesthetics and not the actual inner workings. This is not a bad thing, guns in video games are always showing inaccuracies like this, but it does not matter because it's a game. It's there to look awesome.

  • Ray says:

    i would think an exploded view would explain more. somehow, the weapon doesn't seem to work. if it's a concept for games, it's a good job done, but if it's something to be manufactured, probably the engineering of the weapon would be good. the charging handle seems too short

  • Reki says:

    No, no. Don’t you know? If we take guns away from the public, there will be no crime!

    Wait, nope. As it turns out, it doesn’t work that way. Studies have been done showing that places where people own more guns have a lower crime rate. The new way of thought is that somehow owning a gun brings in ‘bad karma’ that will tn either have you stolen from or killed, while not owning a gun will make you safe. Just ask all the occupants of NYC how that’s working out for them.

    Just so that you know, Matt, I’m agreeing with you. 😛

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