Intelligent Chinese Tablet

The majority of the world population comes from China and I suppose every country in the world has a China Town. Therefore I vote for the people of the world to start learning the Chinese language, rather than they learn ours! Now I agree Chinese lesson will cost a bundle, but if you’re armed with Origin Intelligent Chinese Platform, you can master the language and become a pro! The tablet includes a pen, translation card and a translation viewfinder.

Origin Intelligent Chinese Platform is a Lotus Prize Winner.

UPDATE: The Designers wish to add this:

The user positioning of this product: a non-Chinese foreign countries (limited for users in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese speaking countries), they live in their own countries and interest in Chinese and Chinese culture, or have the needs to learn Chinese because of work, study or tourism. The shape of the product draws shape characteristics of ink slab and brush in Chinese traditional Four Treasures of the Study. The product is divided into three parts: the pen, transparent translation card, PAD. Pen and transparent translation card can be taken from the pad based on use need. For specific users, we design the relevant service model and modern interface that integrates the characteristics of Chinese culture. The product’s service model consists of four main parts: Study, Tools, Entertainment, and Culture.

Designers: Chen Xinghai, Qian Cheng, Zhang Jing, Zhao Peng, YangHuan & Duan Yufeng