Soapboxing in Style

This high-performance soapbox derby kit concept by designer Hyun-Seok Kim is a 3-wheeled speed demon intended to leave competitors behind in the dust. The design was inspired by Italian race car maker, Abarth, and represents the brand’s principles of excellence in performance, exciting user experience, and innovative design. The trike maximizes the soapbox experience with a classic rolling seat and wire-handled controls for the steerable front axle.

Designer: Hyun-Seok Kim


  • bleh says:

    soap box racer with hubless wheels…
    Is it just me.. or are there a lot of pointless designs on this site

  • WOW,very cool design,I love it.

  • Jimmy C says:

    Sorta confusing if you ask me.

  • Mike Barnard says:

    From a soap box derby perspective, this design fails on weight (hubless wheels are heavy potentially exceeding weight classes), aerodynamics (inefficient shape for simple shell and the thickness of the hubless wheels vs alternatives) and bearing resistance (hubless wheels have higher internal bearing resistance than hubbed wheels).

    This would win style points and fail the functional test. And what's with the skidding in the dirt image? Soap box derbies, even the ones with curves, are run on pavement.


  • Johnny says:

    What ever happened to the days when soapbox derby cars were made by kids from, you know, soapboxes?

  • hskim says:

    ok guys, I apology. next time, I'll try to design new derby with cabinet wheel for you.

  • Mike says:

    concepts has no bounds and limits. nice look, though but can we have less hubless wheels? we need hubbed wheels!

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