Is it a Megaphone?

The ‘Megaphones’ appear to be an eponym but they’re actually speakers. One of the ideas behind the Megaphones was to bring back “nobility” to the object: let’s replace the cheap electronics with hi-fi components. Let’s replace the plastic with wood but let’s keep the iconic shape. The final product is unique and has a distinct Dutch quality to it. Love the craftsmanship.

Designer: Corentin Dombrecht


  • Buen says:

    Smart but very different. I wonder if they give a good sound

  • Art says:

    I miss the old stereo component systems and big speakers. Everything now is small and plastic. These are very cool, but I don't like the unfinished-wood look.

    • JM2009 says:

      Component systems and big speakers still exist. Most people don't buy them, but they're still out there, and better than ever.

  • adesignaddict says:

    like the idea and especially the unfinished wood look.

  • A megaphone would be the best way, but when we recorded out album, we piped our vocalist through some ancient mic and a very small cigarette box amp/pedal thing. We sent it to some verb after it was recoreded and sounded amazing. I am sure with a guitar amp and some good old distortion and experimentation, you will come up with a sound totally youre own.
    Dont be affraid to use the gain control!

  • Grey says:

    I know Megaphones don't usually have stands, but more work done on that part could be nicer. I mean, the foot stand should impress as much as the rest of your build, as well as hide away the dodgy wires lol, awesome woodwork btw.

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