Henkel Wants Your Package Design To Stick!

We have come a long way from using crude materials like reeds, bags made from animals and wooden boxes for packaging. Modern packaging needs to contain, protect, preserve, transport, inform and sell. It needs to be clever, attractive, sustainable and innovative. One of the driving forces in this field is Henkel. There’s an open call for The Henkel Interactive Packaging Design Contest. Winner gets 3,000 euros and instant bragging rights. Register here!

The Process

  • Designers are invited to register and submit their ideas to the Henkel Interactive Packaging Design Contest.
  • In a few steps, design proposals in various categories can be uploaded: 2-Component-Adhesives and Mixing, Adhesive Application, Adhesive Dosage, Opening and Closure.
  • All registered users will be able to comment on and assess the designs.
  • Packaging developers from Henkel will also contribute to the exchange of ideas.
  • Participation and dialogue will play an important role in the Henkel Adhesives Packaging Design Contest: the contest will be followed on Facebook, Twitter and in design blogs.

Judging Criteria

Apart from the attractiveness of the design, the sustainability required of all Henkel products and packaging, the innovative power, the usefulness and the efficiency of the packaging proposals will be considered in the assessment.


  • First Prize: 3000 Euro
  • Second Prize: 1500 Euro
  • Third Prize: 500 Euro
  • Design Feedback for all winners

Last Date For Submissions: 18th March 2011