Don’t Shred Your Paper – Disappear Your Ink!

Take a peek at this, paper shredder that doesn’t shred – this is the electromagnetic erasing system. The idea for this project came to the designer from observing the destructive effect of electromagnetic radiation on color pigments. Scary! This project aims directly at utilizing electromagnetic radiation in a fully controlled reaction inside a machine to break all bonds of color pigments that absorb only a particular range of the electromagnetic spectrum. What’s that mean? Maybe… reusable paper?

The designer notes that the only way this system would work would be to have those CMYK pigments that would be utilized in a way that their absorption band is different from the paper they’re printed on. This process would be similar to photochromic or thermochromic materials in that color pigments start to decompose into colorless products – HOWEVER, also as the designer notes, this process would be different from photochromic change in that electro erasing would be an irreversible reaction. Hardcore!

Designer: Mohsen Saleh