Heatmats for Sidewalks

Let me tell you before I even begin to describe this design that it’s brilliant. There are such things as heated roads (ones that stay warm enough that a certain amount of snow will never even survive its fall), and there are such things as shovels and snowblowers for sidewalks. Why not heaters for sidewalks instead? Do it! Fantastic!

These mats are called the “Heated Outdoor Walkway Mat” and the “Heated Outdoor Stair Mats” and are part of a larger collection of similar mats made for residential areas in the snowier parts of the world. It’s a made-for-everyone solution to keeping you and your family safe from the dangers of ice and snow buildup on your property, leaving instead a slightly larger energy bill for you on your home – a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Each mat comes with its own patented watertight connector cables that connect together creating a single system of snow melting excellence. Each mat can be used individually as well – up to 15 mats (up to 15 amps) can be connected on a single chain. Yes please!

Designers: HeatTrak