Wild and Wacky, Super Weird!

Welcome to the crazy person list. This is a collection of ten items we’ve got available in the YD Store that are sure to touch the funny bone in anyone’s body when they find themselves eye to eye with the madness of each. Such a lovely list made of things that can’t possibly fail when given as gifts not only to a friend, but to yourself. See if you can find the secret warrior!

Mobile Tail (in Pink, Green, White, or Black)

Of all the little things you can attach to your mobile device, this has got to be the cutest. It’s like a tiny little puppy!

Price: $6.50

A Peaceful Bomb Vase

In this vase is both a simple statement on the state of the world and a rather lovely looking pot for your prettiest flowers.

Price: $52.00

A Love Grenade Coin Bank (Gold, White, Black)

How would you like a grenade to go with your bomb? This one can hold all of your coins until you fill it up or need enough for some ice cream – then all you’ve got to do is bust it!

Price: $56.00, $32.00

Coffee Mug Shadow Coaster / Soda Shadow Coaster

What looks better with a glass of coffee than the shadow it casts? Grab a set of four and impress your friends with full integration!

Price: $10.00

Leaf-It (Brown, Green)

What’s more natural to the world than a handful of leaves making sure you don’t lose your place in a book? How about some sticky notes that look just the same?

Price: $6.00

Pebble Eraser (Gray, Black, White)

As long as we’re on a natural tip, why not go to rocks? These pebbles are perfectly workable erasers in a hand-held size, great for illustrating or just doodling all day long.

Price: $5.00

On/Off Magnets

Some fabulous magnets, holding on to whatever you like in an ironically electronic manner for such an analog bit of physics. Cute!

Price: $16.00

Ring-ge-roo Light

Fill your energy up! What a strange IV-bag sort of situation filled with LED brightness. Refraction through whichever liquid color you like. Very weird, very wild.

Price: $59.00

Bike Rack Bag (Solid Silver, Contrast Damask, Fleur de France)

A surprisingly lovely, simple, and conservative bag for this sort of list. Anywhere else it might seem a bit wild. Anywhere though, it’s completely excellent. Three unique colors.

Price: $160

Ninja Shuriken Magnets

You didn’t think we’d have a wacky list of this caliber without finding the ninja in our spirits, did you? Here’s just what you need to get your daily document kill down to a single cut!

Price: $18.00

*bonus ninja from Pixeljoint!