Hear Me Out, V-MODA Crossfade Review

I have earbuds from V-MODA so when they sent me the Crossfade headphones, I already knew I’d be dealing with quality. True to the brand, these bad boys look like no other. Their armored appearance instantly gives you that “I’m so serious about my music” look. Build quality is great for a $200 pair of headphones too. They’re heavier than your typical fare but are fully adjustable with very soft cushions. In fact they’re so thickly padded, they’re great for noise canceling. But how do they sound? Hit the jump for my review.

Audio fidelity is full and rich. The bass can sound a bit muddy if you love music with a lot of thump but slight equalizer adjustments can quickly remedy that. The highs sounds pretty stable even with the volume turned up. The mids are very crisp. They’re no Bowers & Wilkins but unless you’re an audiophile, you’re not going to notice.

V-MODA don’t skimp on packaging either. The Crossfades come in a hardshell pack that look as if they were molded from plaster. Inside you’ll find two braided audio cords and a 1/4″ converter. One of the cords have integrated controls designed specifically for the iPhone. They feel solid and work well. They also worked on a couple of Android devices though not officially supported.

Headphones usually look utilitarian or retro. The Crossfades sit at the other end of the spectrum – for the fashion conscious. The design definitely makes you stand out and they come in an awesome array of color ways. We have the black and chrome but the white looks particularly sexy. Final verdict? Highly recommended. Any of you already own the Crossfade?

Designer: V-MODA (Buy it here)