Suspension of Some Strong Colors

Once you’re inside this post, scroll down to the gallery and check out the color selections you’ve got when you’re going to consider your brand new Plera lamp. Power! Strength! That’s what’s going on here. This Plera is a new suspension lamp concept, the word plera meaning to funnel in Friulan, a language spoken in northeastern Italy. It’s a strange touch of two disparate materials for an excellent feel – not to be left crashing down!

Meant to express minimalism at the same time as showing the difference between the soft touch of the wood and the cold touch of porcelain. Elegant and classy meets friendly and warm. It is the upside-down tunnel to loveliness. Diameter: 19cm H17 cm. Seems like there might be a move toward porcelain in industrial design as of late, yes? I get that feeling. It’s such a fragile material, but there’s nothing really quite like it when it comes to feel and grace in appearance.

Designer: Enrico Zanolla and Andrea Di Filippo of DZStudio