Two Wheels for Babies and Breads

Take a look at this bike which sets its sights on the future, one with real competitors to the automobile that sucks the life from the earth every day and night. This is the “Urban Arrow,” a transport bike with electric pedal assistance, aluminum frame, and a box made ofsuper light EPP-material. It’s green, they say it’ll be affordable, it’s comfortable, it’s light enough to lift, and aesthetically, it’s super fresh.

In many parts of the world there are two cars per family of two adults. Urban Arrow aims to replace that second car for inner city usage. There’s a frame that encapsulates the motor and chair, a curved tube around the top of the box protecting the fingers of children riding inside and providing storage room for rain cover poles and a lock or pump.

The electric assist and the smallness of the bike allow you simple and quick access to the city, allowing you to travel with up to 180kg of cargo. In first gear they say you’ll be able to effortlessly climb a hill.

With the lightweight EPP cargo box and an aluminum stiff frame, plus 60mm of high dense foam inside this bike is both safe and relatively lightweight. There’s an optional rain cover, cup holders, grocery net, fixed – yet adjustable – bolt seat post, removable box (transformable into a flat-bed cargo space,) and comfortable balloon tires (which aren’t like balloons of yore – these aren’t as easy to pierce.

Designer: Urban Arrow