Nude Looker Lamp

It’s not naked. It’s stripped. Stripped down to a minimalistic look and feel and working order. Essentials, that’s what is here. But it’s not just a stick and lick of fire, it’s a lamp, The PERCY LAMP; so it’s got some style too. It’s made to have character-like qualities, turning this functional piece of lighting into a product users feel drawn to engage with. To do this, the aesthetic draws heavily on the buttress root system of the Moreton Bay Fig Tree.

The curved head and base are hand-raised from 100% recyclable sheet aluminum. This head functions as a heat sink allowing the LED to run at an optimal temperature by dissipating the generated heat over a large surface area. A moulded polyurethane carrier the lens and joint between the base and the head. Powered by an efficient 1w Cree LED light source.

Adhesive-free assembly, available in raw or anodized finish.

Designer: David Pidcock