Electronic Injury Rescue

This project right here is known as the EAGD aka “Electronic Ambulance Guidelines Device. It’s an electronic information tablet made by designer Matteo Trisolini for JRCALC (Joint Royal Collage Ambulance Liaisons Committee) and the NHS Ambulance trust to replace the current paper handbooks being used today. Made to be understandable by paramedics and ambulance technicians of all ages (between 18 and 65) so that even the “aging” UK population can take part. Environmentally constructed, simply and ergonomically shaped.

Made to be lightweight, well balanced, durable, and certainly portable. Color coding and iconography, aka infographics, work to simplify the process without eliminating any of the information that would have been provided by the book this device will replace.

Initial tests show the EAGD to reduce the amount of time needed to search for clinical guidelines by 60 percent.

Medical speed!

Designer: Matteo Trisolini