Flesh of My Flesh

Of all the things I guessed I’d be writing about today here at Yanko Design, human-made human flesh wasn’t one of them. This is wild, this is wonderful! You know me as a proponent of progress, even unto the weirdest of futures, and this is one of them! Grown from a tissue culture taken from the patient, the architecture of this “Epidermic Hyperplasia” mimics the natural processes of the “human envelope.” Excellent way to say SKIN, I must say.

Epidermic Hyperplasia is a “semi-living” structure made of human skin cells and a polyglycolic acid (PGA) scaffolding. PGA scaffolding is a bio-degradable plastic which provides the necessary nutrients required to grow the skin. As the skin grows, the PGA is consumed completely. Epidermic Hyperplasia grows in a way similar enough to skin that it acts as a semi-living machine lasting the rest of the life of the patient.

Creepy! Awesome!

Designer: John Becker & Sofia Krimizi of Becker Arch