Modern Monolith

The idea behind Massimo Iosa Ghini’s Quattro Punti installation was the formation of a bond between legacy and modernity, tradition and innovation. The monolith itself is a distant but familiar fragment of ancestral typologies, but is contrasted by LED illumination that seems to materialize from inside to outside, bringing the structure to life.

The stem-like tower is faced with laser-cut ceramic slaps that have been finished to resemble quarry stone. LED technology forms a luminous mesh and a changing geometry, which is a symbolic continuation of past, present and future.

Designer: Massimo Iosa Ghini


  • bobbywatson says:

    It’s a really strange definition, the one of modern monolith. First because – as fas as I could see in Milan in April – it’s not a single piece of stone (or any other material), which is the whole point of being a monolith. Maybe modern totem? modern oracle? but please, leave the monolithic badge to those that really are ..

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