Pistol Grip Mug

It’s the pistol grip mug on my desk at all times. Filled with coffee and sitting there at all times. Trigger happy designer with a cup full of caffeine ammo, that’s what you’re gonna be with this sassy momma. It’s the “Kill Time Gun Mug” by ChilliChilly. It’s 7.6 oz or 225 ml of fire hot fury. Don’t let the trigger fool you though, this cuppa’s made of porcelain and paint only. The only bullets you’ll be firing is the ones out of your eyeballs when you’ve swallowed your 15th glass of joe from this cannon.

You can have it in white or black! Just like a real gun? If you’re rich you can have a gun in whatever color metal you want I suppose. These porcelain cups are just white or black though, with a platinum colored trigger for the black and a gold colored trigger for the white.

White hot heat! And if you’re not into coffee, I’m sure you could fill the Kill Time with cold-as-ice soda pop too! Still hot!

Designer: ChilliChilly [Buy It Here, Kill Time Gun Mug is available for $17.00 @ YD Store]


Kill Time Gun Mug is available for $17 @ YD Store