Simple Art Of Crushing Herbs

One of the secrets in cooking that I picked up from my grandmother was to freshly grind all the herbs and masalas in a mortar and pestle. She did not believe in electric blenders or processors and relied totally on her muscle-power. Although time-consuming, grandma said that hand crushing the spices made them release their true flavors! So going back to the basics with Orb, this 3-piece set has the versatility of crushing and grinding larger quantities or even several ingredients at once. Naturally the big bowl is for larger quantities, but you can upturn the lid and use it for a smaller portion.

Orb is made from non-absorbent vitrified porcelain and is dishwasher safe.

Designer: Morph for Joseph Joseph [ Buy It Here, Available for $30 @ YD Store ]

Orb 3-piece Pestle & Mortar by Morph for Joseph Joseph