Where Is My Seat? Oh, Now I See It

These days we can choose our own seats over the internet for airplanes and train travel, thus we know exactly where our seat is going to be. At least for that moment we do know. However in a practical scenario, many people don’t check-in online or our memories fail us on the date of travel. Where Is My Seat? is a concept where a pictograph of your seat location is printed onto the boarding pass. All I can say that it’s more helpful than just printing seat 34A, Economy Class.

Designer: Yong-jin Kim

Where Is My Seat?  Tickets Redesign by Yong-jin Kim






  • Thoka says:

    in general a nice idea, but to be honest, the start – destination , map orientation correlation didn´t work for me, because my first thought was:
    front of the bus ? – left side! 🙂
    maybe its a crude top,left -> bottom,right european reading tradition thingy.
    A light grey silhouette around the seats might help, in case of the plane of course.

    • Confucius says:

      Yeah, Just need to incorporate an arrow into the diagram to indicate the front, maybe even a smaller ‘map’ to show which carriage.

      Good idea 🙂

  • Devils advocate says:

    Because its so difficult to read number-letter combination’s…

  • Chris says:

    OMG, I thought this was a joke.

  • JSL says:

    my brother~ God bless you~

  • M.Naeem Mughal says:

    Its really inovative creative.. i like it. u have solved big problem and saving the valuable time for travellers all around the world. naeem

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