Growing Pot

What a fool I was for not posting this yesterday! Now it’s 4/21 and I’m making a joke about marijuana. But in fact, it’s only a play on words. The project you’re about to take a peek at is called “Growing Up”, and in fact it is, truly, a growing pot. It is a pot that is adjustable for a growing plant, getting bigger as the plant it houses gets bigger, allowing for a longer stay for the plant, and less pots used.

It’s just a wrap! That’s pretty smart stuff. Such a simple design. Concerned with the amount of different pots used while growing plants that have a tendency to outgrow their shells, designer JunBum Park conceived of this growing pot. With a flexible sheet exterior that fits into the grooves of the pot bottom, you’ll always be big enough.

Designer: JunBum Park

Growing Up the growing pot for flowers by JunBum Park