This Is An Invitation To Break Glass

Don’t you hate when your bus gets into an accident and rollovers and you’re like, DAMN I can’t get out because this window ejection system just doesn’t work? The Safety Hammer aims to ease your woes. It’s pasted directly on the glass and with just 20kg of pressure, shatters so even kiddies and oldies will have no problems.

Designer: Gao Meng

Safety Hammer by Gao Meng



  • trybudi says:

    love the idea!

  • qwerty says:

    hmmm good idea but which part of the window will this be placed and which windows on the bus keeping in mind that a bus has >10 windows. What is this made out of and would it more economical then the already implemented hammer(i cant seem to remember what its called)

    • trybudi says:

      mmm i’m don’t really remember, how many hammer(s) does one bus usually have? I mean i havent had any accident that requires me to do so yet. If theres only one hammer, are the ppl supposed to share that?

    • Long Tran says:

      It needs to be placed towards any corner.

  • leslie says:

    Where can I purchase these? How much do they cost? Long Tran says to place it towards any corner but another article on these says to place it towards the upper middle of the window. Which is correct? I want them for our classroom windows as some rooms only have one exit the room might have to be evacuated through a window. I feel these would conveniently and safely break the window in the event of an emergency!

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