The Real Guitar Video Game

The REAL, I said. The REAL one. This is the one where you learn a real, actual, applicable beyond the game skill. Habeeb it! The designer of this project had the idea stop upon his mind-grapes while he was watching friends jam upon Guitar Hero and Rock Band all day long. He thought hey, they’re so good at this, but they can’t play a real guitar at all! Well wouldn’t you know it, he was (and is!) an industrial designer so he pumped up his muscles and got to work creating what he calls “Vision.”

Vision is a self-teaching electric guitar. It’s an LED-lit neck and body working in unison with guitar learning software. Tune is always tune, reducing the time a student uses on this elementary task. Vision teaches through games involving visual and audio feedback. Chords, percussion, and popular music are played alongside the student to provide easy assistance, allowing the student to become familiar with the instrument in an environment they’re basically already used to.

Connect to a computer with Bluetooth, plug in an amp, or go unplugged with battery. Gameplay is very similar to popular guitar games out now where students complete levels, difficulties, and unlock challenges.

Connecting to an amp allows the student to play uninhibited. The guitar has regular tone and volume knobs as well as a built-in effects system.

Unplugged works on rechargeable batteries, LED lit fretboard and rear-mounted speaker allow the student to practice or play portably.

The guitar comes standard with several interchangeable bodies to appease any weirdly shaped person.

Designer: Tyson Leslie

Vision the DIY learn it yourself guitar and guitar learning game by Tyson Leslie