Enemies of Garden

Friends at last! For what greater enemy does a vase have than a baseball? Maybe a cat. But that’s not important right now, because this is the “VaseBall!” In fact it has little to do with baseball at all, and a lot more to do with water and magnets. As you’re soon to see, the base of this vase and the top of the base of the vase each have magnets. When the water in the vase is too low, the lightness and the opposites in the poles make the ball lift!

Makes sense? Opposite poles in the magnets, too powerful for the weight of the ball, makes the ball lift from the ground. When water is added, the weight becomes greater than the power of the magnets.

As the designer Min Seok Song says, the magnets act as an “intermediary in communication between human in plant.” How very poetic and neat!

Designer: Min Seok Song

Vaseball magnetic flower vase by Min Seok Song