A Fusion of Flower Framework

Not so much to keep the flower upright, but to keep it alive! It is two in one. It is the most basic brilliance, the most simplistic, smart design – two of hearts, two hearts that beat as one! In this case, two bits of pottery, made one. Instead of there being a pot with a hole or holes below it being held by a saucer that would hold water, it’s both of those things in one piece! Take a peek and drip a little dribble.

Just pour, step back, and appreciate. That’s how simple it is to use this new fabulousness. A large amount of water can be held by this new pot cuff, water that can then be absorbed at any rate the plant chooses through its roots. That’s how nature works! Very nice.

Material: Terracotta

Size: 320x260x270 mm

Designer: Uli Budde

Plant Pots flower pot and saucer combined into one by Uli Budde