While You Were Trying To Get Some Sleep On The Bus…

Someone stole your bag, kids sitting next seat were screaming, the nap in the bus sucked and now you have a muscle pull in the neck! Ah so many reasons, but the situation still remains unresolved; how do you catch your forty winks during a commute? Easy, you need a Napper! It’s a set of comfy hooded shawl with concealed earphones (that work with Bluetooth), combined with a Bluetooth lock for your luggage, and NapApp. Intrigued? Hit the jump for more info…

  • Napper aims especially at sleeping in public transport.
  • It consists of a hood, whose padding makes it comfortable to lean against window panes.
  • It‘s wide cut and the scarf make it possible for you to shield yourself from the environment and create your own private cocoon.
  • Bluetooth headphones are integrated in the hood, which, together with software for the mobile phone, provide sound to fall asleep with.
  • The entire system is foldable into a compact bag and can be easily used for daily commuting as well as for longer.
  • The hood‘s inlay is padded with 3Mesh material, which has a soft cushioning effect and high shock absorption against the vibrating windows.
  • On the outer side of the headphones is covered in Sorbothane, a plastic foil which has noise absorbing properties.
  • Inside the hood, Napcap‘are integrated Bluetooth headphones which, together with the traveler’s mobile phone, play music, send the wake-up alarm and the warning signal, in case the traveler’s luggage is moved.
  • The headphones can easily be taken out of the hood, when you want to wash it.
  • Small LED lights on the headphones give information about the remaining battery life and Bluetooth connection. The headphones lithium-polymer-battery is charged via USB, which is integrated in the headphone and can simply be plugged into your computer. There is also a mini-jack on the headphones, if you want to use them with a device which doesn’t support Bluetooth.
  • To ensure a carefree sleep, the hood NapCap comes together with the luggage lock NapSecure. It doesn‘t only lock your luggage, but is connect to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. If the luggage should be moved away from its owner further than one meter, he will be warned by an alarm on his headphones, his mobile phone and the lock itself.
  • The lock can be opened by using your mobile phone, but also through a mechanical lock, in case your battery is low or your phone is lost.
  • The Bluetooth lock is charged, same as the headphones, using an integrated USB port. The luggage lock and the headphones communicate via Bluetooth with the software NapApp which can be installed as well on touchscreen as on keyboard mobile phones.
  • Next to the control of the luggage lock, it contains a alarm clock which helps to wake up at according to your preferred time, location (if the mobile supports GPS) or sleep stage. With the help of a reaction game, which should be played directly after waking up, the software analyses how recreational your nap was and whether or not you should shorten or extend your next nap. Furthermore the software has a build in voice recorder, to capture the ideas you have just before dozing off.

Designer: Simone Wittmann

Napper – Sleeping In Public Hooded Shawl With Earphones and Bluetooth by Simone Wittmann