Green Shower, No Grime

It’s not called “Green” for the amount of green it gets rid of in your shower, but for the niceness it inflicts upon the environment. This “Green Shower” by Rami Tareef takes into account the amount the potential liters and liters of water wasted by showers and fixes it with this design using two very simple modifications.

1. A flexible LCD screen that notifies the user as to the temperature of the water. Silly? Nay! Lots and LOTS of people turn the shower on and wait for it to reach optimum heat. In this process is the liter waster. Be more precise with this right here.

2. A 24V DC generator to make use of the water as it flows from your water supply. Might as well do double good with that water as long as it’s flowing on your dime, right?

3. I lied, there’s three things. The third thing is that it looks amazing. Generally “non-traditional” shower fixtures look rather gaudy, if I do say so myself. This is nice. Look at that bathwater waterfall at the bottom! So pretty.

Designer: Rami Tareef

Green Shower by Rami Tareef