Light Up Some Memory

Dedicated to Phillumeny, the Phillu is a matchbox shaped portable memory storage device with matchsticks that have 5 GB storage capacity. Nine sticks in the box, essentially translating to 45 GB collective capacity. The trick is that you really need to light the sticks to transfer the data.

To transfer data by sticks:

  • Push the case from behind to choose and pick an available stick.
  • Put the stick head at the end of the striker.
  • Strike the stick quickly along the striker adding pressure.
  • Now the stick turns into burned black match, making it possible to give it to another Phillu owner to share your data without the need of any computer in between.
  • Sharing your data with others will be completed after they plug in the stick to their own Phillu.

Designer’s Tip:
Do not let kids play with matches!

Designers: Emir Rifat ISIK & Burak Kaynak

Phillu – Matchbox Shaped Mobile Storage Device by Emir Rifat ISIK





  • qwerty says:

    what is the point of “striking the match” to share data between phillus

  • Mario R says:

    This is mind-blowingly stupid.

  • julia says:

    I quite like the designa nd use of materials, not sure if the product it self has gone towards too much kitch. but the idea of sharing and swaping data in this kind of a manner is nice

  • dan carrillo says:

    The context of the device had to be considered. What is the correlation between matches and the computer? Am I going to burn memory away? Will I loose it? Also will the matches last after scratching them against the case so many times? If it is a futuristic type concept that would be extremely difficult to make work, the behavior and function should be very compelling.

  • brack says:

    I can imagine myself trying to transfer data, doing it exactly as the instructions say and then return home to find out no data was transferred at all. long live the usb.

  • Jeff says:

    Times like this, I wish there was a rating system, so I could give this a one.

  • karl says:

    even the matches would be a pain in the ass to get out

  • HK says:

    “Striking” matter aside, how do I know which stick contains the data that I want to share without having to try them all ?

  • popoye says:

    I totally love the idea behind! and i am sure everybody would buy it if it was in the market…

  • schultzeworks says:

    I’m usually a sucker for visual metaphors, but this just doesn’t work.

  • Migo says:

    Stupid. Impractical. Random. Kitschy. Technologically ignorant. Ignorant of user interface design. Ignorant of sustainable practices (i.e. this thing is a one-time use, disposable item).

    Design is supposed to be something that improves life, not makes it tangential and kitschy. The ‘design’ interpretation of this product (if you can call it design) is not thought out. It is a pastiche, literal interpretation of what Phillumeny is or could be.

    There is no subtlety or finesse in this exercise, merely a flashy CAD model. Even the form is simplistic and not thought out. How many design iterations were explored before deciding on that particular resolution?

  • Brian says:

    Cool concept! + design is letting down our biases and opening our minds to new ideas… I would definetly like to burn some matches and pass it to others. Better than burning a cd or dvd. I wish i could see an animation about this one…

  • SkyWay says:

    Everyone hailing from Finland just had a long, hard, perverted laugh.

    Other than that…ohkay, moving on >___>

  • scott says:

    it’s great!

  • cool idea, like it! 🙂

  • Brittany Jackson says:

    Very, very nice… Great concept and outstanding style.

  • bethy says:

    lollll!!!!!!!!!!!! loveddddd it!!!
    cool ideaaaaaa!!!!!

  • lola zottori says:

    love it.. <3
    great job .. =)

  • trybudi says:

    why do i get the feeling the comments are from the same person using different nicknames

  • decaPODA says:

    and then i also feel like having ur IP address shwon below ur name just to know that no one is foolin around here with different names 😛

    second them all who doesnt like the idea..i wouldnt even want to say why i dont like this. oters have already mentioned a lot of point for good..

  • chris says:

    what? i can sorta the design is cool, but the theology is a bit wiered, why have a whole set when you could just have one? i have a hand full of usbs in my bag but i dont have to use them because i have a 32gb stick to replace them instead of having a bunch of little ones, the 5gb sticks seem like they would be a hassle to have to limit it to so little, at the rate movies are getting (1.5-3gb) for a blu-ray backup it would be barley enough to store a backup movie, or music wise, my catalog is around 50gb, 5 gb sticks would be annoying to have to sort through and limit it.

    good design, nice theory, but wiered implementation. esp the whole striking part.

  • Bauski says:

    Basically I agree with you guys but then again I am shocked about how little imagination you have…and understanding of design meaning that you should never underestimate the emotional component when judging an idea.
    Of course from the practical point of view there are many drawbacks. But the using haptics could surprise you and make such a concept succesfull. Just think of how much fun it is spinning jog-wheels, pressing buttons…for Christ’s sake none of you ever played with bubble wrap?

  • tooma says:


  • Max says:

    Really 5 GB Sticks ?
    Since when do they sell 5 GB Sticks ? if you had said 4 or 8 it would have been more realistic.

    Also now you can only share you’re files with other Phillu users , so you are basicly creating a new protocol for data transfer.

    Also why do all the ‘matches’ have the same look ? , now you might get confused wich match stores the data you want to share .

    And what are you going to use to share te data wirelessly ?
    I think the stick is to small for batteries+transceiver unit + memory unit.

    The design is the only thing that is appeiling.

    Go back to the drawing board and go rethink some things.

    • chris says:

      @MAX, suprisingly there were a few 5gb storage products, i have in front of my a set of 5gb compact flash drives, there allways doing wiered things with flash, but yeah mostly in multiplications of 4, but there are random pieces who go left instead of right,

  • kaey says:

    very cute

  • JC says:

    Good design makes things easy and intuitive to use. What this design does is add extra levels of complication to a problem that already has a solution, the usb thumbdrive.

  • antti says:

    Did you know that your products name “Phillu” is very similar to the finnish word what actually means female genitalia. And not in the very nicest way. I really hope that someday this product hits the market in Finland, it would be hilarious.

  • hermano says:

    There is no meaning except the “emotion/ remembrance” in pushing the box from behind! You can pick up any stick without doing it! How do they look like when they are not burnt?

    And I ask you the same question: How do I know in which stick is which data? There isn’t even a numeration, but that would be not enough!

    Or is it meant to have up to 9 copies of the 5 GB?
    This would be a great method of sharing data with others, if its more than just 5GB!

    But nowadays you send already everything via internet! USB-Sticks are out of date!!!

    And wish you happy trying to get all the electronic into these thin sticks!! ^^

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