Of Course! Brush Markers

Designer Phelan Miller hits us with an ever-so-slight tweak of the ever-present highlighter marker. As part of a 12-hour designer challenge where a rendering was due at the end of the period, Miller decided to fuse the highlighter and the paintbrush together. Incorporating a paintbrush-shaped handle and a chisel tipped color distributor, this right here becomes a pen I’m surprised doesn’t exist already.

I’ve never been the highlighter type. I circle things with pencils. Makes the book look nicer? I think. But that’s not gonna stop the millions of billions of students who use highlighters for studying every day! Not to mention office peoples. Billions and trillions! And I wonder, I wonder! Would they benefit from a nicer hold on their ‘lighters? I bet, I just bet, that they would.

Designer: Phelan Miller

Pigment by Phelan Miller