Growing Pot, No Not That Kind

EINTOPF is a growing pot. It starts off as a shallow sauce pan but extension rings and a flexible outer shell can increase the pot’s volume by almost 3x. The rationale is simple. Sometimes you start with a smaller pot just to sear. You want heat convection to be fast so there’s no need to start with a larger pot. However, stage 2 of the recipe calls for other ingredients. This is where EINTOPE shines because you just add an extension ring and continue cooking all in one pot.

Designer: Barbara Ott




EINTOPF Pan by Barbara Ott



  • very good design. thank you

  • MikeSeen says:

    it makes sense therefore i see it making some dollas

  • Amy says:

    You mention in the post that you could add an extension ring for a second stage of cooking. Sounds good in theory, but wouldn’t it be quite dangerous to try and add rings etc to hot cookware?

  • Ram says:

    Try convincing any one who loves cooking to use this pot with extensions !! I find this meaningless design that could lead to accidents in the kitchen and will be a nightmare cleaning this with all its grooved joints which will be a great haven for bacteria.
    Sorry not my cup of tea.

  • Tooma says:

    also, isnt it easier to use just one pot for your dish? If youre going to make a lot of food, use a deep dish an vice versa? Its a very nice concept, but i just dont see it taking wind beneath its wings. sorry.

  • ağva says:

    Thanks. Very good design.

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