Gimme Shelter

The Mongolian steppe is no place to linger but thousands of people still lead nomadic lifestyles in this harsh environment. Today’s nomads can travel farther and faster thanks to modern rails and road networks but still live in temporary tents or cave dwellings. Gimme Shelter is an improved cave dwelling taking advantage of the unique typology. It provides superior thermal protection while offering many modern amenities for traveling families.

The partially submerged building provides warmth while efficiently circulating cool air during the hot dry summers. There are several living units for many families with gardens and public spaces spread across 1,000 square meters. The interiors are studded with apertures to allow crosswinds. The layout is somewhat playful with a series of bridges connecting 4 levels. All of this is really happening sometime in 2010. This is nomadic living for the 21st century.

Designer: Rojkind Arquitectos

via: Arch Daily