Shape Changing Plate Washer and Drier

This thing right here is a rollercoaster for plates. Not only does it catch plates on a conveyer belt, wash, and dry them, it converts them to whatever shape you wish – plate, bowl, whatever! Using Electrostatic Flocking, the shapes of these dishes can be changed. Each plate changes shape via electrostatic contact points and can thus they can be washed and stacked with supreme simplicity.

Constructed of recyclable and color customizable polypropylene, one does not have to get their green-person tattoo removed when they use this product. HOW DO THE PLATES CHANGE SHAPE I know you are asking. Well, check it out:

The electrostatic flocking unit harnesses surrounding static energy with an ascertained frequency staging that is able to change the shape of the object which has strains of nylon when contact is being made with the source of static.

The plates are composite plastics, made up with a mixture of polypropylene and nylon straints that has the ability to change from its flat shape either to a plate or bowl according to the static frequency being produced by the metal contact points.

SIMPLE right?

Put the dirty plates in the machine, program the machine to make the clean plates you’ll need for the next meal, and come back later when you’re hungry again! The machine does the cleaning, drying, and transforming!

Designer: Teo Kai Qiang

LESF Plate Cleaning and Transforming Machine by Teo Kai Qiang 01

LESF Plate Cleaning and Transforming Machine by Teo Kai Qiang 02

LESF Plate Cleaning and Transforming Machine by Teo Kai Qiang 07

LESF Plate Cleaning and Transforming Machine by Teo Kai Qiang 04

LESF Plate Cleaning and Transforming Machine by Teo Kai Qiang 03

LESF Plate Cleaning and Transforming Machine by Teo Kai Qiang 05

*Actually you can only transform the plates into bowls, dishes, or nothing. Transforming the plates into machine guns and owls is not allowed!


  • Carl says:

    ideal if you chip or break one.

  • FE says:

    The looks can be improved dramatically. Its hard to picture this in any kitchen. Sorry but its an eyesore.

    • Teo Kai Qiang says:

      Well… that’s a critical feedback, i believe it would be for future homes whereby the environment will be much different in the next 90 years. Then again, i still have to learn how to be it in a context as it is difficult to realise the design when there is not context. Please do guide me with this on what do you feel i can improve on =)
      Thanks for the feedback!

      • zippyflounder says:

        Homes don’t change that much, look at houses from the 1890’s, not a lot different than now. The reason is simple, we have not changed much in the last 50,000 years.

        • ErichXsv1 says:

          You are trying to fit the “future” in with “today”. We will change/advance more in the next 100 years than we have in the last 50,000. We ARE talking about a dishwasher, yes, but in a kitchen we have yet to see. You’re right, homes HAVEN’T changed that much, but they will. We are already seeing much more modular homes/furniture, as well as kitchens that convert into living rooms etc(granted, not so much in the US but elsewhere where sqftage is minimal and you want to maximize your space.) Imagine if this thing were silent, and perhaps mounted flush with your wall(above your sink to keep the plumbing easy), jutting out only to accept its dirty work. I, for one, dig the design.

      • Confucius says:

        So, in the ‘Future’ this thing, the fridge, dishwasher, oven, cooktop, rangehood and sink are all stand alone feature pieces? Your kitchens going to be a disaster.

        The screen is unreadable but kickable at that height.
        I doubt that this (if actually possible) technology is attained its going to need a bit more width than half a foot.
        Being that thin and stand alone make it prone to being knocked over.
        People don’t really care about the status of their conveyor belt.
        Why do you need bluetooth plugin? or a status?
        White with green or orange was cool 4 years ago. Not anymore.
        The gumboot design is not the best aesthetic.

  • A.C. says:

    It does have a 60’s vibe to it, not sure if this is a good thing or not. Nice idea though (shape changing plates and whatnot), but I’ve never found dishwashers satisfactory so I might still prefer to wash these by hand?

    • Teo Kai Qiang says:

      I believe that washing by hands is a great means in terms of sanitary condition. Yet sometimes, there is a trouble once again in performing many task at once in order to clean and then dry in on a rack to keeping it in a proper storage area. (I know you won’t want to wash using your hands after this!) =X hahahaha Well.. that will in the future of dishwashers. I do agree with u too about the first impressions of current dishwashers. Totally agree with its water wastage and what nots. 😉
      Cheers! Thanks for the feedback!

  • M.S.W. says:

    This sounds similar to the MIT plate making machine (video on youtube).

    Designer states that this device also cleans the plates, but there is no stated method used to clean the plates nor waste discharge method.

  • FE says:

    it would be great to see some in context illustrations to support your vision on how you would see this in a house hold. Would it be a wall mounted unit, on a table, …? If you do a few of those illustrations, of course with a user, it would answer a lot of questions and could be pretty effective. Good luck!

  • cansuakarsu says:

    kind of a similar thing I have submitted do designlab:) so, great idea!

  • Chad says:

    Is it for sale? And if not what is preventing it to market?

  • kumaro says:

    Can this wash stainless steel plates and bowls. What is the price and where this can be bought

  • kumar says:

    can this wash stainless steel plates and bowls

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