Giant Trucks Are No Longer Scary

The noisy, polluting, gas guzzling giants are being tamed to look more demure and sophisticated, and how! The Scania Concept that we see here is a pure reflection of this new theory and is a bid to change the perception that trucks are the big bullies of the highway. It is designed to be eco-friendly and economical by using a diesel-electric hybrid engine. The innovative part comes on the wheel-hub design that sports indicative color-coded LEDs that point out speeding and other rules broken.

Designer: Adam Palethorpe


  • Wouter De Ryck says:

    Wow, amazing concept. I love it. The design is great and the idea behind the wheel cover offers a real improvement!

  • Thanks for the feature, it looks great.

    Just a note that the design is called the Scania concept as that was the brand i chose to design for, it has nothing to do with the Scania brand professionally. Thanks!

  • From the point of view of a cyclist, this thing still looks scary to me.

  • M.S.W. says:

    Over all I like the look of the design. The premise of the wheel hub speed/time information conveyance is certainly interesting. The flashing Red lights might confuse some drivers at night, particularly drivers approaching from the side in an intersection.
    Curious, the design shows slats on the side of the truck to infer steps up to the cab. Are these slats meant to be stepped on by the edge of the foot climb into the cab? Or are they extendable steps that will protrude outwards? Or are they spring loaded covers to be pushed inwards with the foot to be used as steps? Where is the diesel fuel cap access located? On the back side of the cab where are the umbilical cord(s) to connect to the trailer? (Ex: Refrigerated trailer) How does the owner/operator access the engine for repairs?

    • powaz says:

      Good points “MSW”… not only would people think the blinking lights would mean it’s trying to merge into their lane, communists would love to be able to track everyone’s speed in real time. Besides, why there have to be lights on the outside at all is beyond me. Could just as easily be a cluster on the dash. I still don’t see how this is better than Colani’s tractor. Oh, right, it’s battery powered…

  • Wybie says:

    cool design, much better than others ive seen

  • M.S.W, you have pointed out some interesting things there, the steps slide out to allow the driver access to the cab. On the renders i have left the umbilical cords off, i meant to put them on the model but did not get round to it, there in the same place, and will be hidden/tidied in a slide cover. The cab actually slides forward allowing access to the electric motor and engine, and the wheel covers are hinged to allow wheel maintenance. sorry if a lot of this is not described well in the images, i do have plenty of pictures to show things, and will be updating my personal website with them as soon as i can. Thanks for the feetback tho guys its much appreciated.

  • great design , very beautifuk , i like it .

  • Luke says:

    In my personal opinion, this is just putting lipstick on a pig. I mean, it’s great that it tries to address problems with trucks themselves and offers some features to keep the drivers in line. However, this still doesn’t solve the problem of trucks being big, heavy, and dangerous to maneuver around, and it doesn’t prevent truckers from signaling to each other to force traffic to their favor at everyone else’s expense.

    I’d rather see freight rail systems be modernized and expanded, and the trucking industry legislated to Hell. I won’t be happy until there are literally no 18-wheelers left on the road whatsoever for any circumstances at all. Delivery trucks and cargo vans, well, they’re unfortunately necessary given that our modern lust for roadways basically precludes any other means of delivering goods on the scale they address, but at least their size is a little bit more sane.

    • Mike says:

      No 18-wheelers ever? At all? Anywhere? For any circumstances? You must like growing your own vegetables, mining your own minerals and hauling them in your trunk, driving to the shipping ports to pickup computer parts and electronics at astronomically higher prices, not having stores nearby, not having any gas stations nearby, etc. As the saying goes: “If you got it, a truck brought it.” Like it or not, they are integral to our life. They transport fuel for your car, food for your grocery store, parts for that computer you’re using, everything you have in your house, etc. If you are naive enough to believe that society could continue as is with no trucks anywhere then that’s your right (it’s a free country), but you have a lot to learn.

    • The Truck Driver says:

      Luke your a tit everything that you have, use, wear, own, eat at some point in its life will have travelled on a truck…
      What should be done is the cost of fuel dropped to allow British Hauliers to compete in the European market hence reducing the cost of haulage, reducing the amount of foreign vehicles on UK roads which in turn will reduce accidents in the uk involving Hgvs be 30%. This will also reduce the cost of living in the UK because as stated before everything you have has been on a truck.

  • great design , very beautifuk , i like it .

  • mark says:

    this truck looks amazing hope the real thing looks like this someday.
    For some futuristic gadgets try quality electronic gadgets at quality prices.

  • Per says:

    The speedlimit thing is awful. The law is upheld by police not by selfmade police-privates on the road. Speedlimits are also broken mostly by private citizens so let’s put the speed-teller LEDs on ordinary private cars where they are mostly needed.
    Or just build in a GPS in every vehicle that nows and reports how fast you drove on a certain road. Welcome 1984.

    /P, former busdriver

    • Foda says:

      Also, GPS reports would be so ridiculously flawed and inaccurate most of the time and deliver false reports on the LEDs. The concept of this truck is great but the LED wheel cover for speed limits and hours driven is just silly.

  • palethorpe says:

    Per, think ur missing the point. The police DO still upheld the law, it just allows them to identify that the law has been broken. And more than that, it works as a deterive to not break the law in the first place. The lights could well be used on normal vehicles, but that was not my project, i chose 2 create THIS project, a truck project, improve safety and change perception. thanks.

  • K.Warner says:

    Adam, top job.

    Really not a fan of “designers” and “Concepts” but this is awesome. only thing (as an engineer) we have to sort out is the coefficient of drag. these lorries are too fat – got to be thin and slippy!!

    nice one.

  • J Dizzle says:

    Nicely designed vehicle, but the wheel cover thing has to go.

    First of all, how does it turn with the wheels covered?

    Second of all, who the heck would buy this vehicle knowing that it will tattle tale on him/her for every little thing they do wrong?

    There are lots of privately owned tractor drivers out there and I can’t imagine them buying this, nor could I imagine anyone wanting to work for a company that uses them.

    It’s a very innovative and creative solution to a “problem” and you should be proud. Unfortunately, it came at the expense of showing you weren’t thinking of your customer.

    • Luke says:

      How to get people to use it? Legislate it. Force companies to install this in their trucks and older trucks to be retrofitted.

  • James Jung says:

    Wow, if this truck will dispatch with real logistics, then I would like to change my job career to driver in Europe.

    It really looks amazing.

  • eeedel says:

    as long as theres no snow, ever.
    That speed limit light is a bad idea…

  • stephen russell says:

    See the truck designs by Luigi Colani alone.
    They TOO are way Cool despite years.
    Timeless shapes
    Now add this trucks features to his Colanis trucks
    See book COLANI.
    For all designers, techhies & Tech Art buffs.
    Classic shapes, last 100 years theyre that Good.
    His truck design dates to 1977 & revised for 2002.

  • Kane says:

    I agree with ‘J Dizzle’ on the wheel cover issue. Driving a truck that informs the general public of every minor offence could be irritating for the driver. I would say the speeding lights could perhaps have allowance for a certain amount of speeding. I.e. go off when the driver is a certain percentage over the limit. If they went off at 31mph in a 30mph zone it would perhaps be a little over the top.

    I’d keep the lights for rest time however, as what this post doesn’t show is the interior with tv/videogames etc that are an incentive for the driver to rest regularly; however perhaps more comfort features could be incorporated?

    Beautifully designed vehicle though.

    • Thanks for your comments Kane. The idea of not being so harsh with the speed limit idea and basing it over an average over a certain amount of miles is great!

      Yeah i also did interior work, i may update the interior in my own time, as it stands the interior was developed quickly so i got the core ideas into the design. I will add some comfort and luxury.

      And for others who have not seen, the interior pics are on my website.

  • Willy says:

    The premise isn’t bad, but I see a few flaws: 1. I don’t know if you’ve ever unloaded a semi, but trust me, you want the trailer floor to be flat, and it appears in the pictures that it isn’t.
    2. I’m guessing this would be an extremely expensive truck for the shipping companies to buy and I don’t see them having a reason to buy it over their old trucks which are still very reliable and for them, get the job done great.

    • Adam Palethorpe says:

      Hey willy, the trailer is not part of the presented design it can obviously have other trailers attatched. not a problem. Also the trailer is flat, that extra bit along the bottom was to barrier up the area of turbulance.

      The truck was drawn up as a concept for somewher towards 10 years from now. By which time the pull on strings for companies to become more eco friendly and efficient, matched with the trucks that by this time are old, would mean the truck would be a beneficial purchase. Considering the economy it would give, the emissions it would reduce, the good appearance it would have for the companies both visually and also reputation and moral wise. The company would gain greater respect and reduce costs by running this vehicle rather than a 10year plus vehicle. Also it is not set at a price higher than any of todays new trucks, as with all things options can be removed etc to specification. Thanks

  • Willy says:

    On another note, the wheel covers have to go. Trucks driving through mountains burn up their brakes all the time, and the wheel covers will severely limit the airflow over the brakes that cool them.

    • Adam Palethorpe says:

      As these were an aesthetic and diffent design, they probably would be removed to reduce the hastle of manufacture. But they have been designed to allow airflow to the breaks, hence the large vent at the front and rear of the wheel cover. Ta

      • If you’re going to remove the wheel-covers as impractical to actually manufacture, what are you going to host your LED indicators on?

        Have you actually considered the practicalities of putting this design into production or is it yet another wonderful ‘concept’ which is actually impossible to realise?

        I can’t see a windscreen that tinted meeting vehicle regulations either.

  • Dylan says:

    LED lights that point out if it’s speeding or driving over regulated times?

    Let me ask you people something…. Have you ever seen (or been) that annoying person in the grocery store that bitches to the employees because they are out of stock of something that they obviously have no control over? The friendly employee states to no avail that the truck is late, but they will have no part in hearing that. It’s horrible that they should have to wait another 4 hours to come back and get their eggs.

    The designers and the people who support this obviously have no idea what it’s like on the road. Get used to hearing more of those types in any store you go to if this system is ever brought into practical use.

    Trucking is the backbone of this country’s economy any way you look at it. If they aren’t allowed to do their jobs properly (not regulated, but properly) every single person that thought this was a good idea will soon start to see what happens when truckers are hampered even more than the ways they already are.

    • palethorpe says:

      Its not regulated, its the law. what your saying is that truckers should be able to break the law and not stick to legislation that is put down for the safety of road users?

      Let me ask you something, have you been in an accident with a truck that is due to the issues stated?

      Has someone in your family been in one?

      The idea is not just to protect other road users, it is to protect drivers themselves from feeling they have to perform better than they can legally.

      You have to look at everything from a different point of view

  • palethorpe says:

    Thanks for the comments. The vehicle is a concept, you are right, although i think you are a little too quick to jump to the conclusions that it should be ready for production right now, if only it was that simple. little naive to think that as a student i could have designed a whole project to ready made level. The concept is developed to impress and provoke a reaction, it is then tamed down and legislation is looked into more strictly.

    I did write a technical report which was graded to a very high level, addressing in that report the issues the vehicle would have in production TODAY, however the vehicle is not designed for today it is for 7-10 years time. The windows are not tinted, they are based on polymer dispersed liquid crystal window technology, current legislation would not allow them however technology may very well improve and legislation may allow, if not, a standard window may be used.

    Everybody knows that the design is not ready for production right now, but not everybody points out the obvious.

    As for placing the LEDs somewher else, it would not be that big a problem, theres is enough visible space on the exterior of a truck to host some LEDs and the idea has creative enough of a stir in the design circle to justify me putting them on my concept!

    And the wheel covers are a new idea, they will have problems, but there will be ways to improve the idea of replace it.

    Think your getting too serious about the project, it was my final year degree project its not a real Scania concept, you are not seeing the entire project from this article and a lot of your questions would be answered if you looked into it properly.

    Criticism is more than welcome as it improves design, but pointless comments that are obviously trivial attempts to put a design down are not productive to any designer and it frustrates me to see it on other peoples work, let alone my own.


  • Solaria says:

    Looks like it would work if the truck were traveling straight down the road.. but how does it turn? Normally the front wheels are exposed to provide clearance for the tires during a turn. This design looks like it would pop the wheel covers off the first time you turned a corner. Am I missing something here?

    • steve says:

      good question. the wheel covers turn with the wheel. they are not set in that position, an image of the vehicle turning would help out a lot i think. Also the trailer is pulled closer at high speeds and pushed away at slower speeds to increase turning leverage

  • Robert says:

    Hi, Adam. Very nice concept. As a designer, I’m amazed. As a trucker … I don’t want to be bad but makes me laughing. What you designed it’s only for trucking shows. An example. It’s good to be preoccupied by the safety. But with that wheel covers, in downhill that truck will kill 100 cars. With that low bumper, the driver will slow down all the time to avoid to break it. This means late delivery. And I can give you a lot of examples. Do you want to be a real truck designer??? Try to live like a trucker. In the same idea is the legislation of trucking, made by office rats who doesn’t know how many wheels a truck has… Don’t try to put the wagon in upfront of the horses. Anyway, I like your style.
    Luke, for the future of the Earth, please, take a vasectomy. Because of drivers like you, we are not safe on the road. I can bet all my money you are driving with at 80km/h on the highway and when a truck is passing you, you wake up and increase the speed. Without trucks you would be dead in a few days.

  • Thanks, the point of the project was to promote the design of the vehicle/myself as a designer. It was a project over a couple of months from start to finish so you cant expect a fully working concept, even the biggest manufacturers cant do that!

    Ride height is adjustable, the image shows it so low as it is more dramatic. The wheel covers have become quite a debating point across the net, which is good for me. If you’re insisting that the brakes would not be cooled, there are cooling ducts at the front of the vehicle that allow air to reach the brakes for cooling. I’m glad you like the style, that is mainly what i was going for, as far as production readiness goes, the concept is obviously a large way off, but after all it is a student project and my first truck design. Thanks.

  • Donna says:

    For starts the ambilical cords are called suzies… As the Wife of a Lorry Driver I should know.
    For all those calling for an end to lorries I personally would like to see you survive without them. My husband has been a Trucker for 15 years and loves his job, but unfortunately foreign drivers give the job a bad name.
    I personally couldn’t see this design working in real life, lorry drivers wouldnt want to drive it or work for a company with them, the flashing lights are a silly idea thats what tachos and driver cards are for.

  • Robert says:

    This is the main reason when I told you to live like a trucker, at least few weeks.. 🙂 Suspension is adjustable if raise the suspension this is leading you to another problems, including safety. Regarding the cooling of the breaks, maybe you can put here some pictures. I’m so curious about.
    Keep up the good work. I’m waiting that day when a designer will do a project respecting the trucker needs, I saw too many designs just for the sake of designing a truck and nothing more.

  • Misc says:

    There are some good intentions behind this. I applaud the effort to clean up the air but I will not support any tattletale devices to clean up someone’s act. Programs have flaws… and last I checked, so do humans.

    I don’t understand this world anymore… Make this world a better place for future generations by attempting to rectify past and present crimes against nature… yet we are consistently dehumanizing every possible interaction with a fellow human being and promoting an air of distrust. Guilty until proven innocent, dear… and this here red LED claims you haven’t been a law abiding citizen. For shame.

    Bah… fuck all of you holier than thou, asshats that preach about cleaning up our environment yet are too fearful of your own neighbor to do anything but to avoid eye contact and MAYBE give a half hearted hello if you feel like making the slightest bit of effort that day…

    you make me want to strip naked, retreat into the forest and forget all of this.

  • Habibies says:

    i think that this is Iron 😀

  • Habibies says:

    i think that this is Iron 😀

  • Ruud says:

    Hallo there

    The wheelcovers are nice but the warning leds “NO”.
    In place of this you can also let a policeman drive with you to check all you do !!!!
    With regards Ruud from The Netherlands

  • Jimmy C says:

    Okay, nicely done. Be sure a bump or ssomething wouldn’t break those lights though. Have you thought of giving them another use as signal lights?

  • fucktheUK says:

    Luke, your a fucking dick sucking dumb ass.

  • mohammad reza ahmadieh says:

    scania is very nice and beautiful truck
    can you send me better than picture and price ?

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