Future of Personal Mobile Communication Lies In Your Imagination

UPDATE: Closed.

Self-help is the best help, the sooner you imbibe this rule in your life, the faster you will find success. I’m not trying to be preachy here, but this is a fact that most biggies in the industry live by.

If you want to own the best possible mobile phone in this world, my dear friend you’re gonna have to design it yourself, because you know what’s best for you. We live for the future and this is the theme for LG’s Design the Future Competition as well. Partnering with crowdSPRING and Autodesk®, LG is accepting applications from eligible candidates who have the power of transforming their creative thoughts and imaginations effectively to design. It’s a chance to do something for yourself that others can benefit from as well.

To help in this adventure, participating designers will get a free 15-day trial pack of the Autodesk SketchBook Pro software to showcase their talent. Of course, the rewards are plenty! The First Place takes home $20,000 Cash Award; the Second Place: $10,000 Cash Award; Third Place: $5,000 Cash Award; 40 Honorable Mentions: $1,000 Cash Award + 1 LG U.S. Phone (A.R.V. of $300).

Regulations require participants to be a U.S. resident, 18-years and above, and the entries need to be submitted before June 7, 2009 @ 11:59 p.m. (midnight) PST. Owning an LG phone or purchasing a new one won’t win you any favors, so designers don’t bother, just let your creative juices flow….

Official rules can be found at www.crowdspring.com/LG.
Winners will be announced on July 7, 2009 at www.crowdspring.com/LG/winners.


  • Savox says:

    I honestly, truly, wholeheartedly hate the fact that you have to be a US resident.
    I’m off to study Industrial design next year. Why not give me the chance to prove myself?
    I’m going to brainstorm on this nonetheless.
    If there’s a US resident willing to co-op on this, put it in a followup comment.

    • Carl says:

      should design be restricted by where you are from, what next, gender, age skin colour. Let design be free.

    • benfrank says:

      re: US only Policy
      I assume it is because of the “First to Invent” vs. “First to File” policy that caused the rest of the world to be left out of this competition.

      Brainstorming ideas in US can still be patentable. Brainstorming in the rest of the world is not. The US is very respectful of inventor’s property rights. ..Of course I assume that is what happened in this competition. Hope that clears things up.

  • Chris says:

    Well too bad for LG.. I have several great ideas that you’ll never know of.. Perhaps some of our european friends Nokia or Sony-Ericsson are interested..?

  • Victor Assis says:

    Well, I hereby make a formal protest against this exclusion. I’m Brazilian and I do feel bad for being let out of this. I also invite designers from other excluded countries to protest too, and maybe, get some reconsidering. Designers from all over the globe meet here at Yanko’s, so I really think it’s really misguided.

    • Victor Assis says:

      Just for a second, I’d like to call your attention to the fact that LG is not even an american company. How wrong is that?

  • Sam says:

    Ha that makes it even more worthwhile to protest. Im only 15 and live in Australia and I aspire to be a designer when I’m older so why make it only eighteen year olds? Doesn’t the future start with the youth?

  • karl says:

    this is not the first competition to be area specific.

  • Chris says:

    It still doesn’t make any sense to make it area specific.

  • Andy says:

    Best ideas lives in Europe and Asia!!!!

  • tom says:

    it makes no sense for a company selling product internationaly to concept design in the US – its truly amazing how few designs manage to skip over the atlantic toward europe – and the huge volumes that hop step the other way!!

    • Michman says:

      It makes sense for the marketing department, who are most likely running this campaign. One region means one set of paperwork and one set of taxes to contend with(even though all prizes won do count as income and get taxed accordingly). Worldwide is possible but just a logistic headache.

      If they were persistent and intelligent they’d look worldwide.

  • FLX says:

    Guys, for LG the area specification makes perfect sense. They wanna expand in the US, so they make a competition like that to get the best in-depth look of what american people would find cool – almost for free…

    • Carl says:

      design transcends bias and cultures. a good idea is a good idea nomatter where it comes from. right?

    • Confucius says:

      So you just design a phone that spits out McDonalds discount coupons. SOLD!

  • anonymous says:

    and why is it only 18 years old and above?
    Can the minority not have a go at this stuff?

  • Keith says:

    The 18 years and older constraint is most likely to combat any legal issues that might arise. Seriously, please think these things through before you post.

  • Brandon says:

    For those who are in other country than the U.S.

    Do it through our company? Make solid contract. YOu keep all the winning… share the glory with our company…

    Anyone interested?


    [email protected]

  • Marlin says:

    poor strategy for LG,use more creation and modern ideas for your products not to be poor…why just us resident!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LG says:

    This competition is being run by the U.S. division of LG. Other divisions usually run their own competition.

    • Iskender says:

      But think of a product chosen by LG by this contest and if produced LG will produce and sell it all over the world. So?

  • iTatu says:

    Hi designers&creatives 😉

    I a sure LG has his (good or not) reasons, usually it is a question of “economy braniacs” (marketing, legal stuff etc). There are plenty of competitions around, just keep your eyes&mind open! 😉

  • Worst idea from LG marketing department! You spend you time!!!

  • Nan says:

    Very dissapointed this is US only..

  • Iskender says:

    After this I guess LG thinks that all inventors and best designer lives only in US. Its very disappointing thing that a comnpany like LG organizes a contest with huge prizes and makes only in one country. With prizes like this the all inverntors and designers of the world would make their best. Bad to LG.

  • Rob Curedale says:

    Below is a clause from the competition rules:

    If this is their approach to finding creative ideas I wonder why they don’t generate their advertising, marketing and engineering by running competitions? It suggests to me that design thinking is not yet an integrated part of LG corporate culture.

    “For all Designs: Failure of any Design to comply with the above Guidelines and Restrictions, as determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion, may result in disqualification. All Designs will become the exclusive property of Sponsor, and none will be acknowledged or returned. You hereby waive any moral rights or any equivalent rights regarding the form or extent of any alteration to the Design or the making of any derivative works based on the Design, including, without limitation, photographs, drawings or other visual reproductions or the Design, in any medium, for any purpose.
    You acknowledge that LG owns all Designs whether patentable or unpatentable, and all works of authorship, whether copyrightable or uncopyrightable, made, developed, conceived, acquired, devised, discovered or created by you for this Contest. BY ENTERING A DESIGN IN THIS CONTEST YOU HEREBY IRREVOCABLE ASSIGN, CONVEY AND TRANSFER TO SPONSOR ANY AND ALL RIGHT, TITLE AND INTEREST IN THE DESIGN INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, ALL INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS EXISTING THEREIN. Sponsor may, in its sole discretion, publish or exhibit the Design in whole or in part, alone or in
    combination with other Designs, and that the Design may be changed, altered, edited or modified, used in distorted, illusory or composite form, or in any other manner, as solely determined by Sponsor. Sponsor may or may not, in its sole discretion, pursue production of any Design submitted. Sponsor is not responsible for lost, late, incomplete, invalid, unintelligible or misdirected Designs, which are void. You understand and acknowledge that LG is in the business of designing and manufacturing mobile handsets
    and therefore does not agree to treat your entry as secret or confidential. You also acknowledge that a mobile phone designed independently by LG may be similar to your Design. Accordingly, you release LG from any and all claims, liability or causes of action arising from or related to the Design, and you will not be entitled to any compensation from LG with respect to your entry or the Design other than as provided to winners of the Contest.”

    AIGA Letter regarding Competitions

    Dear _______,

    I am writing to on behalf of AIGA, the professional association for design. We are concerned about your recently publicized design contest [name or nature of contest].

    Although we realize that such contests are a popular way for organizations to generate publicity and participation—and to save costs—there are a number of reasons why asking for work without compensation except for a single design that is selected, which is termed speculative work in the profession, contradicts the ethics of our profession.

    The first is that design is a process. It involves time, creative energy, strategy and, most importantly, client participation. For a designer to generate work without going through this process is to create something that is undeveloped and that does not reflect the client’s input and participation. The resulting work is not truly representative of the value or level of service designers provide, nor does it adequately or appropriately address your needs as a client. Just as you wouldn’t seek legal or financial advice from a consultant prior to hiring them, a designer must also be well acquainted with your organization and goals if they are to make informed and responsible recommendations.

    The other reason is that expecting speculative or uncompensated work demonstrates a trivializing of the contribution design makes to creating value for clients. Of all the entrants in your contest or competition, only one will be selected as a finalist. The time and work of all others will have gone for naught. This attitude on the part of a prospective client is likely to result in receiving work from students, inexperienced or untrained designers, or those less likely to get work from more traditional ways of demonstrating the soundness of their approach toward clients’ problems. The pool of work from which you will select will not necessarily represent the quality of work you deserve from seeking a professional designer. In the end, everyone loses.

    We encourage you to reconsider holding this contest, and instead issue a Request For Proposals from qualified design professionals. I know that selecting a designer can be a difficult and daunting task. To assist you, the AIGA provides resources to help you research firms in your area. This database is available online at http://www.aiga.org/directory. We have also created a helpful guide that can assist you in researching qualified designers, writing a design brief, and managing the design process. This resource is also available free online at http://www.aiga.org/design-business-and-ethics.

    We are pleased that you recognize the need for design, and hope that you will consider these recommendations in the spirit in which they are offered—to help you realize the most that design has to offer. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me directly at [contact info].

    Your consideration of these professional design issues is greatly appreciated.


    [Member Name], AIGA

  • R says:

    Why post an campaign on a website like this where the targeted audiance are from all over the world – never the less even the designers who get their designs published here?

    It’s like walking in on a restaurant announcing that you’ve got a competition – but only people with muostache are allowed to participate… With other words: ridicolous

    LG, i am dissapointed and as you can see, im not alone (read the posts here). A brand so global should know better then just pointing and flagging with amazing prices and then just allowing few people to participate… insane

  • ichig0nilla says:

    total spec work…
    they wont return ur ideas…
    and there’re chances that they’ll keep your idea and stack it up.. and may be release it the year after … may be altered it a bit… but your name wont be on the product… so

  • Hello! Do you know if they make any plugins to protect against hackers?
    I’m kinda paranoid about losing everything I’ve worked hard on. Any suggestions?

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