Bookworms, From Concept To Consumer

One of the toughest parts about being a designer is balancing the need to satisfy our creativity with that of the market – ultimately what the consumer wants, the consumer gets right? – Even at the detriment of design and in some cases rationale. Our very own Brian Ling recently dished on the realities of working in design but the end goal is to always satisfy the client and make money off your product. Today’s high-tech sector is probably the best and first place to see how one’s ideas can turn into money. Phil Baker’s latest book “From Concept To Consumer” irons out those details and shows us all how to avoid the pitfalls so we can enjoy the successes.

If you’re a designer or thinking about becoming a product designer, PICK UP THIS BOOK. As someone who’s been in the industry, Phil lays it out like it is. You have a great idea? Awesome but if you don’t understand how the high-tech industry works, how the players play, and how the market deals – you and your design ultimately end up in a cycle of “going nowhere fast.”

One of the most commonly asked questions I get is “how do I get my concept made?” It’s a daunting task. I myself have had tons of failures and reading thru Phil’s book gave me a few of those Oprah “ah-ha” moments. There’s no clear direct path. It’s about navigating what’s happening now and what you think will happen in the future and to do that, there are a TON of things we designers aren’t taught in school. It’s the kind of stuff only experience can teach.

I’ve read a couple books from would be “pros” who offer nothing more than theories but Phil’s actual account from his experiences make me more keen to believe him. He’s been directly involved with some of technology’s defining moments like the original Polaroid SX-70 to the Apple Powerbooks and to my fave, their Newton MessagePads.

It’s going for $17 so do yourself a favor. In these hard economic times the smartest thing to do is invest in yourself. Get this book, smarten up and most importantly face the reality. Yanko Design has always been about embracing the future – be it far fetched and wild but we’re trying hard to help you guys know the truth. Brian’s article, Dark Side of Design and Phil’s book, “From Concept To Consumer” are two great places to start.

Author: Phil Baker [ Buy It Here ]