You and Me, Sitting in a Tree, K I S S I N G. . .

Mua was designed with lovers in mind. The organic shape invokes the idea of two people intertwined, embracing each other. Wicker wrapped steel on the outside, red for love in the inside. Mua dangles from a tree suspended for all voyeurs to see and at the perfect angle – looks like a giant heart shaped pendant. Implying love in a design can border the esoteric to the ridiculous but I think the Mua strikes the perfect balance. I just hope those red covers are washable because. . . well, I’m not gonna go there.

Designer: Victor Aleman


  • Henrique Staino says:

    What’s the matter with those chains? C’mon!

  • zippyflounder says:

    Its got anti gravity, the chains are just to moor it to the tree.

  • Henrique Staino says:

    Oh, sorry.. I guess I need to catch up with the newest technologies.. lol

  • Dave says:

    Nice rendering completely ruined by lousy compositing and ‘failure to consider gravity.’

    Those chains not only arc unrealistically, but they are not even connected to the tree!

  • Victor says:

    The worst thing is that it is a good idea. But the chains kill it silently, at least for yanko audience, as no designer will ever miss this mistake. The general public might, though.

  • Henrique Staino says:

    Indeed, it’s a good idea. Can you believe it has been part of a dream I had last night? But in the dream the chains abided by the law of gravity. And it was extremely light, too, as my 6 year old cousin carried it around… Go figure…

  • Brian says:

    Looks really uncomfortable but I guess if you are in love you are supposed to be uncomfortable?

  • kiran says:

    Great design. Victor sure does like his loops…

  • Henrique Staino says:

    The rendering should show how a person fits in it…

  • zippyflounder says:

    to be comphortable it would have to be oh 12-14 feet in diameter, so either that tree is huge or the unit in the pictures are for 3 year olds.

  • Eric says:

    I love it. I would love to hang out in this in a tree. Of course the chain thing got called out by everyone, go figure! But I think the main idea and function of the design got through regardless that people find bad renderings “unacceptable.”

    • Henrique Staino says:

      It’s not that bad rendering is “unacceptable”.. It’s just that presentation is an important part of designin, and we are all unsuccessful, so we try to put other peoples work down.. it’s just like movie critics… lol

      • Eric says:

        I don’t think it’s unacceptable, but some people on here to make it out to be, you’re right. How do you know everyone on here is unsuccessful though?

        • Henrique Staino says:

          I don’t. It was just a joke about how we are always finding flaws in other people’s good work.

          • Eric says:

            So true, all too often. This site is mostly concepts with a basic render to visualize the designers idea and people freak out over thumbnails. I bet you anything we could put only mass produced items up here and everybody would still say the same crap though… Sad

  • Adam says:

    why the steel though in the first place?

    Use a slightly fatter strip of wood on each end if you don’t think it is strong enough.

  • first i want to thank yankodesign to publish me again and all you for all the comments on this, and to plus the information yeah the first image maybe not so right not so fine but i am still one of the old designers that think that a render is just a representation of what is the design in a real world and to confirm you this i can give you the link so you see the real production of this furniture that by now is available to purchase and of course is done in mass production and by the other hand i want to tell you that the chain is not worst it is the way is done in the design because is an interpretation af a necklace of love but hang up in a tree so the chain is solded that way in the final design.

    thank you so much and hope you keep watching my work.


    Victor M. Aleman
    here is the real image of the Mua furniture.

  • Just needs to fix some technical aspects and its ready to rock

    • zippyflounder says:

      “some” how about size, materials, structure for “some”.

      • Eric says:

        How about Yanko requires that info for the description so none of us have to guess on any of these posts?!?! You with me zippy!?

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