Skinny Phone Fits Skinny Jeans

I know this phone doesn’t have a lot going for it, being concepted before the current spate of touchscreen wonder gadgets, but I’ve always had a hankering for longer, skinnier phones that won’t make pockets bulge. The designer, David Turpin, is based out of France, which might explain his preference for more elegant form factors.

Designer: David Turpin


  • avin says:

    Slim should not be the only criteria for a “jeans” phone.
    length, flexibility, and sleek smooth lines should be considered too.

    Try sitting down in a pair of skinny low cut jeans and measure how much space you have in your pockets. not exactly a lot, and since jeans are meant to be worn tight, the phone must be flexible enough to take the stress when it sits in your pocket.

    Smooth lines to help it enter the tiny pockets too 🙂

  • Brian says:

    Skinny jeans will be out of fashion soon enough so why don’t we look at broader functions for cell phones instead of something that only addresses one small niche.

  • anonymous says:

    if you can find a slim, flexible battery, you can have a slim, flexible phone. until then, around 8-9mm will have to do. happy hunting for that flexible battery.

  • Eric says:

    Ya I agree that just because something is skinny like this phone, doesn’t mean it will fit in skinny jeans…comfortably that is. Even if it was a rigid .5 mm thick phone made of nano tubes for strength, it wouldn’t be comfortable. I wouldn’t want a license plate in my skinny low rise jeans…

  • Moustapha says:

    so nice.. I love it

  • Jimmy C says:

    Give it an Android OS and I’m good to go!

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