I Heart Light Way

Strange as this may sound but those baseboard light rails that illuminate darkened movie theaters intrigue me. I always look down, in part to make sure my feet are stepping on something stable and to follow the lights. I mean that’s what they’re there for right? Light Way, a fiber optic baseboard lighting system, designed by Industrial Designers Hayley Rosen, Dan Tafe, Dan Fichter and Fashion Merchandiser, Keshia Stole is your ticket to a home or office installation

Light Way adds light to offices and residences where lighting wouldn’t normally be found or permitted by building codes. It is a good solution for people who want to have light in a less frequently used area of a home or building without having to leave the ceiling lights on all the time. Light Way illuminates as soon as someone enters the space. Motion sensors embedded in the moulding turns on the fiber optic strands within the moulding.

Fiber optics is light conducting rods that can carry light far distances. Light Way uses fiber optic strands to deliver light from a central “light source / generator” to luminares located throughout a space. A typical installation of Light Way places the light generator close to an electric utility and pipes the light to where it is needed, for example a long hallway. Light Way offers an interior designer the ability to sculpt the light in the hallway and provoke an interaction between passersby without having to extensively rewire a space.

Light Way features extruded aluminum moulding. Extrusion allows for manufacturers to make longer lengths and then cut them down to a specified size. Extrusion also helps the durability of the mouldings because it is one continuous piece that houses the fiber optics. The extrusions are powder coated in several finishes including a primer finish.

Designer: Hayley Rosen, Dan Tafe, Dan Fichter & Keshia Stole