Light My Fire

Two persistent devices in an emergency system are lights and water, but why do they have to be separate components? Duck Image Studio went about to create a unified ceiling sprinkler system incorporating a bright LED light. The light beam, which also comes from the nozzles, illuminates the scene making work easier for rescuers. Water flows through the turbine, powers the blades, and generates electricity powering the LED. Its light illuminates the room like an emergency lighting system and helps people find the exit. It’s also a whole lot sexier looking that most emergency fire units installed in commercial buildings.

Designer: Duck Image Studio


  • Lim says:

    I just hate people that just liek to show rendering pictures…. No scenario of how this really works…

  • prodmod says:

    I like using water to generate the power for the LEDs, but a bright 1W or 3W LED needs a lot of power. The turbine would have to be very efficient and would add a lot of cost to each unit. Big downside is the lights will be off once the water is turned off by the fire department after the fire is out. That’s when you need the light. The lights should be powered by batteries. Just like standard emergency lights are today.

  • Agree with prodmod. This unit is going to have to be wired in anyways, so including batteries that stay charged by direct wire would then permit the lights to work via turbine if/when power goes out during a fire and still have reserve battery capacity to continue illumination after the water is shut off. Nice design on these gadgets otherwise.

  • sprinklerguy says:

    The whole point of sprinkler design is to eliminate or drastically reduce friction loss and obstructions to make fire control most efficient, putting a turbine directly in the path of the water sounds like a massive obstruction to me. I cannot for see this being approved by any listed approval agency. Not to mention this is why our firefighters are equipped with flashlights, generators and lighting equipment anyways.

  • mikko says:

    what´s the scale of one unit. Is it size of matchbox or as big as fire extinguisher? How the whole system/network works? A lot of questions without answers unfortunatelly..

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