Flexible Learning

Adaptive learning has been the new “it” word among educators for some time now but the tools of the trade haven’t really met the needs. Flexible Learning by designer Lena Edman addresses those issues with a tool kit consisting of a UMPC (ultra mobile PC), a PMP (portable multimedia player), and 60 mini e-ink screens.

The UMPC activates by fingerprint scan ensuring security. It has an multi touch OLED screen and has a fully customizable interface. The second part is a PMP enabling the student to record classes, assignments, listen to audio books and/or record their own notes. The third part is a set of 60 mini screens with e-ink technology that can be puzzled together into cubes. They can be filled with pictures or text on both sides and can then be used as a game to study – think hi-tech flash cards. The entire system addresses how almost every student learns, be it text memorization, game interactivity, repetition, or experimentation.

Designer: Lena Edman