Growing Homes

When is a home addition not a home addition? When it is done as elegantly as the Lilyfield House in Sydney, Australia. Nobbs Radford Architects created this subtle modern extension, drawing inspiration from the humble original cottage, with its flanks clad in narrow wooden weatherboards, while still managing to convey a functional, standalone character. Starting from the original 19th-century weatherboard house, this modern addition evokes the ad-hoc add-on spirit embodied by decades of extensions. This addition nearly doubles the living space and maintains the spirit of the original pitched roof design without mimicking it.

Architect: Nobbs Radford [ Via: Wallpaper ]


  • PedroMota says:

    I love this type of houses, o love them.
    They are so simple, so rest ^^

    Exelente work 😀

  • Pato says:

    Nicely done, color scheme reminds me of trainer made by puma….
    nonetheless I like how they blended the direction of the original house's wood cladding (horizontal) with a bold green line in contrast to the vertical alluminium.

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