The “Needle” makes a good point

The ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture just might have been the inspiration to this “needle” concept by legendary Protrusian designer Blais Pratt. Having all the markings of a successful concept, this beautifully minimal and sleek design has what it takes to be a huge hit, and has the added benefit of keeping your clothes on. Intended as a helpful tool to fuse fabrics together by weaving in and out of two separate materials. Look closely and you can spot the secret to the designs potential success. A miniscule hole located at the top of this “Needle” allows for thread to be looped through it, making for a convenient and minimal bonding agent. No word yet on availability of this object. They are still working out the manufacturing costs and doing focus group testing.

Designer: Blais Pratt


  • ModuleS says:

    I was like what happened to yanko today!!! And realized it was April Fools Day! ha ha ha

  • striker says:

    Good one guys! I think the only design site that went with April fools day theme.

  • AG says:

    This CONCEPT is a bullsh*t, design. It will never succeed in the real world. There is no actual need for this product. Way too Blue Sky.

    The complex form makes it nearly impossible or super expensive to manufacture. Who can make metal that small, seriously. Each one of these things would cost hundreds, if not thousands, just in materials! I don’t know how it could be marketed either.

    Stupid designer is depending on this wild concept of THREAD to do all of the concept’s work for them. Did they even design this “thread” stuff, or are they just ripping off another designer?

    ………I bet it isn’t even sharp.

  • Clarify says:

    This thing could actually make sense. I was just attempting the other day to fashion some sort of out layer of fabric to wrap around me during the colder months. I used Scotch Tape, but that did not really stick. Then i tried bubble gum and ants seems to like that. I guess at this point I will try anything. Where can I buy?

  • Zino says:

    Is this thing USB 1 or 2?

  • Scilly Guy says:

    This design would never get past health and safety, honestly designers need to think about this sort of thing, you could do a lot of damage with this!!!

    • Clarify says:

      i wonder if this would also work on human skin? I am getting tired of my gaping wounds staining my clothes and with all this talk of war, using something other than fire to close up wounds might be more energy efficient and green.

  • Freshome says:

    What can I say …trully innovative. :))

  • edo says:

    See the previous posts of yanko really worth it…=]
    I just can’t resist in commenting this: well, in my opinion this design is tottaly useless. Why would a person use this stuff to attach two things??? Today the technology desenvolved something called “glue”, a sticky product that can be used in a sort of things like paper and design prototypes (wich is a great help for the designers). I’m waiting to see a review in yanko about this.

    Hopefully someone will see this comment, and this someone will have a great sucess in his/her next product!!!

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