The Air Up There

How many times have you looked up in the sky and wished you could better utilize all the seemingly wasted space floating just over your head? With water levels rising all over the globe, creating the current popularity in horizontal Terra Firma surfaces, real estate is at a premium. Greek designer and New Amsterdam resident Jessie Lauren might have a solution that could take design to new heights. Her “Stairs” concept design was conceived to elevate our daily lives to new levels by means of a staggered set of vertically incremental flat surfaces, creating a bipedal conveyance system that allows for people to move from one plane of existence to another. Ms. Lauren believes this design can be both used for upward conveyance as well as downward. I believe this idea could have legs if she includes built in Wi-Fi for easy software updates.

Designer: Jessie Lauren


  • AG says:

    Looks like a lawsuit to me. People could never figure out how to operate this device, going up and down all day long. Nope. Just a student concept.

    • Clarify says:

      wait, this concept kind of makes sense. I mean, until now we have been using Skyhooks. Yes Skyhooks are a Godsend, but how many times have you wondered what life would be like if our clothes did not have to suffer Skyhook tears. Besides, I want to control where I am dropped and sure the Skyhook Union is set to vote on letting the hooked make destination suggestions, but they have been saying that for years. I like this “stairs” idea. Go Miss. Lauren, you show Skyhook Inc. who’s boss.

      The only problem is that some huge corporation will just buy up this idea and “stairs” will be going wherever these corporations want to take us.

  • Scilly Guy says:

    I heard Skyhook was going to be bought out by Virgle, perhaps they will get hold of this Stairs concept instead, life on Mars would be much better for it.

  • Heroes says:

    all jokes a side and unrelated but the picture is very nice.

  • MC says:

    I heard that Apple is going to announce a similarly designed product that moves automatically so we won’t have to deal with that pesky annoyance – walking.

  • Freshome says:

    That’s why I hate 1 April !

  • Tango says:

    you could use a slinky on that

  • cmon says:

    what tha…/?!?!

  • Peter Draxler says:

    hey, douglas adams had that first.

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