“Round” is the new Black

Times are changing and getting from point A to point B has become increasingly difficult. With the cost of environmentally conscious, green fuels like oats and hay costing more and more each day, it is no wonder many of us are deciding to stay home at night. Our one horse power horses are in need of a serious break and Canadian designer Henry Ed believes his “wheel” concept design could help. He claims his circular inspiration came from the natural shape of the moon, we here at Yanko Design think it might have been from the plethora of “designer” pills he must be on. By creating a tangible rendition of one of the oldest silhouettes in nature, Mr. Ed believes his “Wheel” design can be used to help traverse surfaces by what he calls a “rolling” effect. Good luck to you Henry Ed, you may want to read up on Greek mythology and a man named Sisyphus.

Designer: Henry Ed