Hand-Held Narcissism

In these fast paced days of RSS feeds, text messaging and pneumatic wine bottle openers, it is always nice to see a young designer take a risk and go against the grain by reinterpreting an almost forgotten and completely ubiquitous item like the hand held mirror. Years ago vanity accessories were the norm in any ladies bedroom or boudoir, from a tasseled pump perfume atomizer to a gilded tabletop cigarette box, these items are only mostly found for sale at outdoor flea markets or vintage fairs. Designer Alissia Melka has bravely stepped backwards and reworked the classic hand held mirror into this ethereal design dubbed “ME-ROR”, that seems to float your image in mid air. With a variety of silhouettes and shapes, your self image will be the fairest of them all.

Designer: Alissia Melka [ Via: NotCot ]