Can you see what I am thinking?

Based on the Fukidasi – the bubble form that is used a great deal in cartoons to express feelings or sayings – this design by Studio Foundations allows the same concept, yet to be used with real people. Programmable to say whatever you want, this bubble is sure to be hit with friends and family. If you don’t want to say it out loud, say it with a Fukidasi Bubble.

Designer: Studio Foundations [ Via: DesignBoom ]


  • Do we really need that? C’mon, we have already a bunch of communicating device and system out there that can send messages promptly, secretly and securely namely chat, email, text messaging, voicemail………….That concept is just a waste of thought.

  • Design Lover says:

    You have to look at design as a conversation and a entertainment piece sometimes. Yes I understand the time we live in is hectic and have little time to waste so we use the current technologies avaliable to communicate directly. But this design is probably used at homes where some family members have difficulty in communicating certain sensitive subjects. This can be used as a ice breaker in my opinion.

  • They’re not based at “fukidasi”, but at bubble balloons, really. Western comics invented them, not manga.

  • icekiki says:

    where can i buy this ? I really interested to get this as a gift for my friend … Is it expensive ?

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